What Is Sprinkler Agreement In Malayalam

Eight documents uploaded to the state government`s website include the order form, service agreement, Sprinklr`s privacy policy, non-disclosure agreement, and two confirmation letters written on April 11 and 12. He adds that the data will be transferred as soon as the contract expires or is terminated. However, another difference in the two letters is the royalty clause. In the letter of 11. April states: "Customer grants Sprinklr a royalty-free, non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide right and license during the term of this Agreement: (i) to copy, cache, store, reproduce, perform, display, use, distribute, transmit and generally make available Customer Content in electronic form over the Internet, wireless communication services and social media through the Platform; to provide the Sprinklr Services to Customer in accordance with this Agreement; and (ii) access Customer`s accounts in the Connected Services to provide the Sprinklr Services. This paragraph was omitted from the letter of 12 April. "Kerala retains at all times all rights and responsibilities for customer data uploaded or accessed by the Sprinklr platform. This means that all data used to provide the Sprinklr platform and received by Sprinklr, including all citizen data that Sprinklr accesses or receives from Kerala or directly from citizens, belongs to the government and/or citizens. In the event of termination of Kerala`s use of the Platform or at any time at Kerala`s request, all Customer Data will be deleted from the Platform and retained by Kerala. Nothing in this regard gives Sprinklr any rights to such data other than providing the platform as agreed and instructed with kerala," reads the letter, written by Dan Haley, Sprinklr`s general counsel. The letter makes it clear that the data belongs to the Government of Kerala and/or its citizens. Kerala`s Information Technology Department and Finance Minister Thomas Isaac responded to the allegations, saying the information collected was the property of the government.

The government said the data was stored on the company`s Amazon web server in Mumbai until the state-run data center was equipped for such a large volume. The contract will be signed on April 2. On 27 March, the Ministry of Local Self-Government issued orders to provide data to the company. He also asked them to clarify in who`s interest the information had been started before the agreement was signed. .

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