The Politics Of Negotiating Eu Readmission Agreements Insights From Morocco And Turkey

Wolff, p. (2016). "The policy of negotiations on EU readmission agreements: lessons learned from Morocco and Turkey." In: Zaiotti, R. (2016) Externalizing Migration Management: Europe, North America and the Spread of `Remote Control` Practices. Routledge Research in Place, Space and Politics. D. Ottaway (2012), Islamists of Morocco: In Power Without Power` Moroccan News Board, available online at (available April 17, 2013). This article discusses the instrumentation policy of the EU `readmission agreements`, (eura) with Morocco and Turkey. They have refused to sign an Eura for more than ten years and share a similar position as a "hard bargain hunter". Recently, although a "turning point in the negotiations" took place, Turkey signed an Eura in June 2012 and Morocco agreed to sign an Eura in June 2013 as part of a Partnership for Mobility (MP).

By unpacking the role of European incentives and third country preferences, it is clear in this article that, beyond the role of this instrument to co-opt third countries in the fight against irregular migration, a number of obstacles have forced the EU to rethink the design of the eura and to take into account local and regional factors. This article discusses the meanings and representations of euras in third countries and leaflets on the logic of consequences and appropriate in the framework of the EU`s external migration policy. DOI link for The politics of negotiating EU Readmission Agreements: insights from Morocco and Turkey Wolff, p. (October 2009). "Restrictions on the promotion of the rule of law in Egypt: lessons learned from the 2005 judges` revolt" In: Pace, M. and P. Seeberg (note.M.) The European Union`s agenda for democratisation in the Mediterranean basin. Routledge, 2009, 240p. Wolff, S. and L.

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(2014). "The policy of negotiations on EU readmission agreements: lessons learned from Morocco and Turkey." European Journal of Migration and Law 16:1, 69-95 (Special Edition). The book explores the outsourcing of migration management from an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective and focuses on remote control initiatives in Europe and North America, with contributions from politics, sociology, law, geography, anthropology and history. This book uses empirically rich analysis and compelling theoretical knowledge to track the evolution of remote control initiatives and assess their impact and policy implications. It also studies competing theoretical models that could explain their genesis and diffusion. Some chapters deal with some of the most enigmatic issues that underlie telemanagement policy, such as. B the reasons why governments are adopting this policy and the impact they could have on migrants and other stakeholders.

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