Status Of Forces Agreement Brunei

The Act governs the legal status of foreign forces during their overseas mission in Australia. The Act allows military authorities to visit foreign armed forces, to apply their military law to their personnel while they were in Australia, and provides, in certain circumstances, for a corresponding suspension of Australian jurisdiction over such personnel. The law that applies to foreign countries through defence regulations (the main regulations) is the national implementation mechanism for force protection agreements (SOFAs) between Australia and different countries. The two countries are working closely together on a bilateral and regional agenda to address some of the most pressing issues. The current U.S.-Brunei relationship enters its fourth decade in a position of strength based on unprecedented and productive bilateral engagement in 2013, when Brunei, as ASEAN President, held strong leadership for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in 2013. The Brunei Armed Forces participate in exercises, training programs and other military cooperation with the United States, with the annual Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT) cooperation exercise at the heart of bilateral defence relations. Bruneian military personnel attended U.S. military academies and in 2014, the first U.S. military student visited the Brunei Command and Staff Course. The United States and Brunei have also partnered to offer English courses in ASEAN countries, promote entrepreneurship, and expand training opportunities and connections between men. The United States and Brunei share each other for environmental protection and in 2013 Brunei was the first nation in the world to ban all shark trade. U.S. companies work in the energy sector, financial services and consulting on government projects, and U.S.

franchises and brands are opening and thriving in Brunei. Trade between the United States and Brunei in 2016 totaled $628 million. Among the planes Brunei has bought from the U.S. in recent years are sikorsky Black Hawk S70i helicopter and Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

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