Sanlam Client Agreement

4.1. For the purposes of this agreement, Sanlam is defined as Sanlam Life Insurance Limited as well as some of its subsidiaries, business units and subscribed or participating service providers. A Sanlam customer is anyone who is an existing Sanlam customer, i.e. an insurance taker or the captive policyholder insurance company of a particular product underwritten by Sanlam Life Insurance Ltd or a South African subsidiary of Sanlam Life Insurance Ltd, as long as it remains such a subsidiary (currently Sanlam Markets Developing Ltd, Channel Life Ltd and Safrican Insurance Company Ltd). Exclusions: customer santam with only one legal directive on access. You guarantee, represent and engage with Sanlam Investments and Pensions that before transmitting a customer`s personal and/or sensitive data via services (a) you fully declare to the Customer that his personal data can be used in the manner mentioned above, and (b) obtain the explicit consent of the customer for such use of his personal data. General Approval of Membership The agreement between Sanlam Reality and the Member is annulled in principle for persons and/or entities on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Consolidated Sanctions List. either when these individuals and/or entities are directly or indirectly linked to persons and/or entities, or whether or not they are bound by a legal agreement with these persons and/or entities, and sanlam Reality is not required to pay or provide a benefit under that agreement, to the extent that the granting of such a benefit to Sanlam Reality would be subject to a sanction, prohibition or limitation in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions. In order to clarify matters, the consolidated list of sanctions drawn up by the UN Security Council in accordance with Chapter VII of the UN Charter will be drawn up. No member of staff, contractor or intermediary has the right to enter into an agreement by e-mail on behalf of a member of the Sanlam Group, without an explicit written confirmation from a duly accredited representative of that member. All proceedings are conducted in English and the losing party is required to bear all costs incurred by the winning party, including costs between the lawyer and his own client. 2.4. is a binding agreement between you and Sanlam.

When you communicate with Sanlam through electronic communications provided on this site or as indicated on this site, you agree to receive responses to your communications electronically, which is addressed to you by Sanlam.

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